Herb Glossary

ALFALFA Medicago Sativa South-Central Asia The name Alfalfa derives from the Arabic for "father of all foods" and has been used as a nutritious food for over 6000 years, particularly liked by the Ancient Persian kings.  We use it in our Be Sexy tincture as it is believed to help maintain good sexual relations, while boosting your hair and nail strength and health. leaves BE SEXY
ALFALFA Medicago Sativa South-Central Asia The name Alfalfa derives from the Arabic for "father of all foods" and has been used as a nutritious food for over 6000 years, particularly liked by the Ancient Persian kings.  We use it in our Be Sexy tincture as it is believed to help maintain good sexual relations, while boosting your hair and nail strength and health. leaves DIGESION
ASHWAGANDHA Withania somnifera India & Africa One of our most favourite herbs, Ashwagandha is a versatile adaptogen that promotes inner peace while boosting inner strength, making it the perfect herb to help support today's demanding lifestyle. It has a long tradition of supporting general wellbeing, mental balance and memory while strengthening blood and nourishing the nervous system.  It's also known to enhance stamina and libido while bringing beauty and emotional balance to both men and women.  Ashwagandha is particularly good for those who have difficulty sleeping and awake with anxious thoughts.  Ashwagandha helps the body find peace when anxiety arises.  True plant power at its finest. root BE SEXY, HIS (KIND), SLEEP, FATIGUE FIX, DE-STRESS, BE HAPPY
ASTRAGALUS Astragalus membranaceus China, Mongolia & Korea Astragalus is a great herb for boosting energy, immunity and vitality.  It replenishes energy and helps to lift you upwards.  Astragalus is extremely supportive of male hormones and can optimise testosterone and growth hormone levels.  It has amazing immune boosting properties and is believed to boost longevity. root HIS (KIND)
BURDOCK ROOT Arctium lappa Europe & Asia Burdock Root was traditionally used by Native American Indians to cleanse the body and soul. Wonderfully nourishing, Burdock Root is a diuretic that works to help cleanse and flush the liver and kidneys.  It is also great for ridding toxins in our bowel which in turn helps to keep the skin blemish free. root SLEEP, DIGESTION
CATNIP Nepeta cataria Europe Catnip is a wonderfully calming herb.  It's THE herb to help with insomnia and its soothing sedative nature helps induce a restful night's sleep.  Used for centuries by herbalists, Catnip can help calm anxiety and let relaxation wash over you. leaves SLEEP 
CHAMOMILE FLOWER Matricaria recutita England, Europe, Russia and Asia Chamomile is the botanical to bring peace to your heart.  Its calming properties help your body to relax and therefore your mind to relax. In moments of distress and unrest it tries to soothe you, take you to a place of tranquillity and help you get in touch with your feelings.   Chamomile has a wonderful history in both spiritual and herbal medicine.  Considered the herb of the sun, Chamomile was offered by the Ancient Egyptians to their sun god RA, while Germanic tribes offered chamomile to their sun god Baldur.  Chamomile is a great relaxant that can help to induce a soft, sound sleep.  When blended with Passionflower it tries to bring harmony and help settle restless legs and a busy brain making them the perfect duo in our SLEEP tincture.  Chamomile also tries to help balance hormone levels such as oestrogen, and it's great for soothing spasmodic period pain, making it an essential female wellbeing herb.  Chamomile's botanical name, Matricaria recutita, is derived from the Latin word matrix, meaning 'womb'.    flower heads and petals EASY CYCLE, SLEEP
CHLORELLA Chlorella vulgaris China & Japan Chlorella is a supreme detoxifier; it naturally cleanses the whole body. Among its other abundant wellbeing benefits it protects the heart, replenishes the nervous system and reduces inflammation.  Chlorella packs a big nutritional punch - it’s an incredible natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. whole parts of blue-green algae HIS (KIND), HER (KIND)
DAMIANA LEAF Turnera diffusa Central & South America Damiana was regarded as a wonder herb by the indigenous Guayusa people of Mexico for its ‘passion inducing properties’.   Long used as an aphrodisiac and wellbeing tonic by the Aztecs, Damiana is thought to help boost your sexual appetite and stamina while nourishing your nervous system and helping you to relax in the moment.  Damiana also has wonderful properties to help lift mood and boost your confidence. leaves BE SEXY
DANDELION ROOT Taraxacum officinale Western Europe Dandelion Root can help metabolise your hormones.  It also helps to ease digestion that in turn helps to reduce premenstrual bloating.  Dandelion Root can also help flush away skin blemishes that may flare up.  Dandelion Root nourishes the blood and cleanses the body while helping to remove surplus fluids in the body. root EASY CYCLE, DIGESTION
FENNEL SEED Foeniculum vulgare Southern Europe & The Mediterranean Beloved by the Anglo Saxons for its healing digestive properties, Fennel was also hung above their doors to ward off bad spirits. Fennel is great for settling an unhappy digestive system.  It can help flush out impurities, while aiding you to absorb nutrients.   It can also help to reduce wind and bloating. seeds  DIGESTION
GINGER ROOT Zingiber officinale South East Asia Ginger's healing properties have been recognised for over 4000 years. It’s a great energiser that stimulates, uplifts and warms. It supports and improves digestion, increases circulation and balances metabolism.  Ginger is great at helping us absorb the nutrients in our food and in turn livening us up. root DIGESTION
GOJI BERRY Lycium barbarum China, Tibet, Nepal Goji Berries have long been revered in China for well over 6000 years as an all-round health tonic.  This little red berry is packed full of vitamins A & C along with lots of minerals and amino acids.  They are a great rejuvenator for the skin, eyes and kidneys which keeping our immune systems working well.   berries HER (KIND)
GOTU KOLA Centella asiatica India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Australia and North America Gotu Kola has a wonderfully positive effect on the mind.  It is a super-antioxidant for the brain and can help to clear brain fog and elevate mood.  An important Ayurvadic herb, Gotu Kola has been used for centuries in India, reputed for promoting long life and rejuvenating the body and mind.  It's an amazing tonic for the brain, making the mind calmer, sharper and more lucid.   leaves BE HAPPY
HIBISCUS FLOWER Hibiscus sabdariffa Africa The Hibiscus Flower has long been linked to female energy and wellbeing. In Hawaii women wear the Hibiscus Flower over their right ear showing that they are open to a relationship while in India, Hibiscus is traditionally given as an offering to the Hindi goddesses. Naturally full of iron, Hibiscus helps to nourish the blood, clear water retention and increase energy levels.  It helps to support a healthy menstrual cycle and supports digestion after a heavy meal. Flower heads and petals EASY CYCLE, DIGESTION, FATIGUE FIX
LAVENDER FLOWER  Lavandula angustifolia France Lavender is one of the most famous medicinal herbs.  Traditionally Lavender was thought to bring good luck and lift sorrow.  In Roman times bundles of lavender were placed in a pregnant woman's arms to bring courage and strength along with peace and protection.  Lavender is also famed for relieving insomnia and creating peace while you sleep.  It helps stop restlessness and helps make you feel more refreshed and energetic the next morning. It can help soothe a heavy head while aiding relaxation so you can think more clearly.  When paired with Lemon Balm, Lavender helps to banish anxiety and bring joy to the heart and you will find them in our Be Happy tincture blend working their magic. flowers SLEEP, BE HAPPY
LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis Southern Europe The ultimate spirit-raising botanical, Lemon Balm helps boost self-esteem, uplift mood and bring a sense of calm.  Lemon Balm helps you to connect with your heart by opening your mind.  Herbalists in the Renaissance period held this herb in high regard and thought it the perfect longevity elixir. leaves BE HAPPY, DE-STRSS
MACA ROOT Lepidium meyenii South America Grown in the Andes, Maca is an ancient root vegetable that the Inca warriors would take before going into battle to make them strong.  Maca is known to help improve mental activity, physical endurance, vitality and stamina.  It is also a great libido booster.  Maca is a powerful adaptogen that helps bring you balance and equilibrium. root HIS (KIND)
NETTLE LEAF Utrica dioica Europe, North America, Asia & Africa An amazing detoxifier and rejuvenator, Nettle Leaf is an all-round green powerhouse.  Rich in chlorophyll, Nettle is also full of nutrients including vitamins B, C, K, fatty acids and lots of nourishing minerals.  Nettle Leaf is a great blood cleanser and has been used for centuries as a skin purifier.  Nettle Leaf has long been used to delay the onset of grey hair while bringing lustre and shine to your locks. leaves HER (KIND)
OATSTRAW Avena sativa Europe Oat Straw can help calm you from your head to your toes by nourishing your nervous system and helping you relax.  Oat Straw is thought to be great for relieving insomnia and helping your body to chill out before sleep.  Oat Straw is also a great tonic for female health, making you feel strong physically and emotionally.   oat tops SLEEP, FATIGUE FIX, DE-STRESS
PASSIONFLOWER Passiflora incarnate North, Central & South America Passionflower is all about peace and harmony.  Passionflower helps calm the mind, still all thought and puts your brain in crystal-clear mode.  It's a favourite for helping to ease insomnia caused by overthinking and worry.  It is also particularly useful for menopausal anxiety and insomnia as it helps the mind prepare for a restful night and soothes hot flushes.  When working with Chamomile, together they try to bring harmony and stillness making them the perfect duo in our SLEEP tincture.   flower heads   DE-STRESS, MENOCALM, SLEEP
RASPBERRY LEAF Rubus idaeus Europe, North America and Canada Used for millennia to support women throughout their reproductive lives, Raspberry Leaf supports a healthy menstruation and can help with cramps by toning the uterine and pelvic muscles. leaves EASY CYCLE
RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense Europe, Western Asia & Northwest Africa Red Clover is an ancient herb and that been used for centuries to support female wellbeing.  Red Clover is thought to help support the hormonal shift by bringing cooling sustenance to your cells.  It can clear inflammation from the blood and protect overall breast and ovarian health.  It can help support bone density while regulating oestrogen levels.  Red Clover can also help to reduce hot flushes and night sweats while reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. flower heads   MENOCALM
ROSE PETALS Rosa centifolia Asia, Europe, North America, Northwest Africa Rose helps bring peace to any emotional problems.  It opens your heart to make you more aware of the world around you and open to the unlimited possibilities of love.  From ancient times to the present day, Rose has forever been associated with love and beauty.  Rose is naturally uplifting, bringing emotional balance and greater joy. flower heads and petals MENOCALM, BE SEXY, BE HAPPY
ROSEHIP Rosa canina Asia, Europe & North America An amazing source of vitamin C, it is said that the Vikings were fuelled by Rosehips to keep them strong and healthy. Rosehips are one of nature's wonders, filled with many antioxidants.  It helps support and boost your immune system, makes you feel more energised, boosts mental wellbeing and supports a busy lifestyle.  The ultimate plant power.  seed pod FATIGUE FIX, HER (KIND)
ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis Southern Europe Known as the 'herb of remembrance', Rosemary is famous for helping you think more clearly, boosting brain function and clearing your fuzzy head.  It is a wonderful tonic that can quickly make you feel more awake and alert.  Rosemary can also help lighten low mood and boost concentration. leaves and twigs HIS (KIND), BE HAPPY
SAGE LEAF Salvia officinalis The Balkans & the Mediterranean A must-have in all Medieval apothecary's gardens, Sage is regarded as a naturally supportive herb to our overall wellbeing.  It helps to centre your awareness in your heart and helps to stop hot flushes and night sweats while keeping you grounded.  Sage is also beneficial for helping us retain our memory and keeping the mind sharp. leaves MENOCALM
SHATAVARI ROOT Asparagus racemosus India All hail the mighty Shatavari!  Known as the 'Queen of the Herbs' for female health Shatavari is our personal favourite and the herb we can't live without here at BB.  Shatavari is the ultimate female tonic and hormone balancer.  It helps to regulate menstrual cycles, manage PMS symptoms, alleviate menstrual cramps and control the amount of blood lost.  It is also great for water retention and bloating.  Shatavari nourishes the female reproductive organs from within to relieve menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flushes and insomnia.  Shatavari also tries to naturally help balance the hormones responsible for the symptoms associated with the change.  Shatavari also produces happy hormones to help reduce mood swings, irritability and depression.  An aphrodisiac, Shatavari balances hormones and boosts the libido. root MENOCALM, HER (KIND), BE SEXY, EASY CYCLE
SIBERIAN GINSENG Eleutherococcus senticosus South-East Russia and Northern China A wonder-adaptogen, Siberian Ginseng has been traditionally taken for the last 2000 years to help maintain overall good health.  Siberian Ginseng is the must have herb for those living with stressful jobs and high activity as it helps support you both mentally and physically when you are feeling a bit weak and under pressure.  Siberian Ginseng can help to keep you in a good mood, boost your brain function, energise you and keep your breath fresh!  A true super-herb. root HIS (KIND), HER (KIND), FATIGUE FIX
SPEARMINT LEAF Mentha spicata Europe & Asia Spearmint gently warms and aids the digestion system. It can help to clear any heaviness in the body and can lift your spirits with its sweetness while relaxing your nervous system. leaves DIGESTION
VERVAIN Verbena officinalis England, Central & Southern Europe, North Africa & Asia Vervain was one of the most scared herbs used by the Druids, who gathered it to cleanse scared places while the mystic sages of Persia thought it had hidden powers.  Used by herbalists for millennia to combat depression and mood swings, Vervain is thought to help soothe and sedate the nervous system while enhancing mood and well-being by releasing natural dopamine and serotonin. leaves DE-STRESS,  MENOCALM, EASY CYLE
YERBA MATE Ilex paraguariensis South America Native to South America, drinking Yerba Mate goes back thousands of years.  Yerba Mate is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help boost the immune system.  It is also believed that Yerba Mate can give you a sustained energy boost that is gentle and calm, but very effective.  Making it ideal to keep fatigue at bay. leaves FATIGUE FIX